Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Fever

Litterally! I've been sick as a dog the last few days...sneezing, coughing, achey! All this just as I thought the other day that I've done really good all winter not getting sick! Boy, did I jinx myself! I spent a good part of Sunday relaxing and slept in until 10:30 today! Much needed!

After I gained some ambition, I decided to go through my many emails in my inbox which then inspired me to to work on some side projects, update my website...simply get organized. Even though I don't feel good, that felt pretty good!

Last week I finished up a project for my friend Sandy with She needed to make some gift certificates and we decided to have a little fun with them by getting #10 Onyx Black Metallic Policy Envelopes and customized seals. Then Sandy took it a step further by adding on some ribbon -- the front had a nice gift bow while the back had the flat ribbon that wrapped around the envelope with a seal keeping it shut.

The possiblities are endless when you add on your own person touch with embellishments such as ribbon, jewels, paper clips... The sample shown to the left are wedding invites with tiny jewels in the middle of the paisley on the main invite. It's amazing how adding something so little can make your print pieces really standout in big way!