Monday, February 22, 2010

Love is in the air!

Things have been going just great at the Nickelson household...must still be a bit of Valentine's Day floating around our house LOL! I've been having to work late at EDJE to come home to work more on side projects and the hubby couldn't be more helpful...making dinner and cleaning the house as I work away. Perfect!

Speaking of love being in the air, Sara & Jeremy's big day is only 46 days away! I went over to Sara's with a few other ladies last Friday to help stuff and seal all 300 invites! One of my favorite pieces from these invites are the seals...they are the perfect 'into' piece and they serve as your return address!

One thing I remember the most from our wedding, once I put those invites in the mail box, nothing felt more real! Maybe that's because as a designer I put a lot of heart and soul into them :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday? Already?

This past weekend was tons of fun...which was much needed after a super busy week! I decided to take Friday off due to not much sleep from a terrible migrane which resulted in not getting ANYTHING done to prepare for Bry's birthday party the night before. I baked some delicous "cookie dough" cupcakes and frosted them with chocolate and vanilla to make my own checkered "flag" for Bry's 29th birthday. Kevin Harvick is his favorite driver and his number is 29 so it only seemed appropriate...especially with Dayona right around the weekend actually...I'm thinking I'm not going to get much attention this Valentines day LOL

Saturday we did some running around, took the dogs on a walk and I spent some much needed time with the BFF, Ashley. I hadn't seen her since Christmas! It may have been a disastrous night...with my new waterproof camera "biffing" it on the cement and her scraf going up in flames but as usual, we still had a blast! Now, to see if I can get my camera fixed, ugh.

Of course Sunday brought the superbowl...Geaux Saints! We took the dogs on another walk (this time with it snowing), cleaned the house, cooked up a fiesta, visited the neighbor's for one of the cutest little ladies' birthday party (check out the invite!) and then back to our house to watch the superbowl on our 50 inches of fun (ps: after 3 years, we've finally paid that off!). We had a nice and quiet superbowl this year...just me, the hubby and wifey #2 (aka Ashley).

And here it is almost Monday...not ready for that but have lots to catch up on at work! Oh yes, tomorrow would be the most wonderful mother's in the world birthday (did that make any sense LOL)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I'm so blessed to have such an awesome family...even if they do eat candles...hee hee (who 'dat be, dad?)!