Monday, December 28, 2009

Ready for the new year!

Can't really say that 2009 was all that bad but it definetly could've been better towards the end's to good luck in 2010! My "SISTA" Jolene says that 10 is her lucky number and 11 is mine so the next 2 years should be good...we hope anyway!

Mom kept saying that all she wanted for Christmas was a job and she got just that! She started today! Hope it works out well for her. I on the other hand, did not go to work today; I spent the day taking down Christmas stuff and doing those things around the house that I have put off for months. The pic to the left would be the top of my drawing table...I haven't seen that in months! It's been a dumping zone!

A dear friend of mine, Sara, is a bride indeed! Her big day is approaching and all the stress is starting to hit home. And on top of it all, her daughter is turning 8 and has a fun birthday party planned but no invites to send out to guest so, Sara asked me to fix up some flyers...

Now, I best get to work on the invites for Sara and Jeremy! Stay tuned for updates on them! They'll really make you want spring to come with the pretty daffodils on them!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Staying Warm

This time it's snowing soooo much that I'd prefer not to venture outside to take pictures but you can see just what's happening outside on the window from the warmth of my living room...

And what better way to heat up the house than to stir up some yummy family recipes in the kitchen. A long time family friend, Angie, had me put together a cookbook of her family recipes as a Christmas gift for her family. I just sent them off to print last night...just a few days before the holiday shipping cut off. I can not wait to see them all printed! You can see a partial dynamic viewing of the cookbook here,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's the Holiday Season

Christmas is offically in the air at the Nickelson house! Luckily Bry got the lights up outside on Saturday because it SNOWED today!

All the white stuff floating in the air got me in the holiday spirit so I finished up my Christmas decorations and wrapped presents. Now to work on those holiday cards to send out! I really have no excuse, I've had them done since the week of Thanksgiving...just need to address, stamp and stick 'em in the mail box!

BJ and Lexi sported their new coats to keep warm. I found them at Target for $2.50 each...what a bargain! We think BJ looks like Elmer Fud LOL

Yet again I haven't kept up very well on my design projects blogging. Here are some wedding invites that a did back in October. The red, black and white color scheme is obviously in but boy, do they make some elegant invites! I worked with the mother of the bride, Renee to get these just right. These are the perfect example of invites with a personal touch! Not only do they have a personalized formal invite on the front, we added some galeic writing with translation on the back. Very unique!

I'm currently working on a cookbook for a family friend...can't wait to share that project with you! Hopefully sending it off to print Wednesday with hopes of getting them done just in time for Christmas...cross your fingers! Time is running out for holiday cards too! Hurry and contact me!